Scan Bridge

We live and work in a digital world.

For quite some time now, companies have been moving toward paperless solutions for their data storage. Whether you are a hospital, bank, oil company, or small business owner, digital storage of paper records has become a fundamental requirement of today's' business world.

This means that there is often a need to pull data from different systems into your Enterprise Content Management System. For many applications this can mean having to find and open a document in one application, saving the document to your local computer, or worse printing the document, just so you can import it into your main document storage system.

Scanning Bridge Technology (Patent Pending)

The Scanning Bridge is a virtual scanner that allows Scanning Bridge enabled applications to be visible as a scanning source within any TWAIN enabled scanning application. This removes the need for saving to disk, or printing and scanning. Data from the external application can simply be selected as part of a TWAIN scanning workflow, and directly imported into the scanning application. This saves time, saves paper, and reduces the risk of errors.

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